*2.36-DREAMING (Cream)



Dreaming about my love--
You bring me joy
And happiness.
More or less
I dream my life away.

Waiting for you to come
Changing my life
To emptiness.
Minutes just drift by.

        I don't care if I get nowhere.
        I can just dream and you'll be there.
        What else is there to do?

Dreaming about my life--
Where are you now?
And when will you
Come to me?
I dream my life away.



[Repeat First Verse]

Dreaming, dreaming.

Dreaming is the only round song I can think of in this psychedelic collection. True, Simon & Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair had something of a round effect by blending together two songs sung congruently, but in this case the lyric near the end of a line is repeated from the beginning again by a second voice, more like the Beatles' Help. The round is an excellent form for creating a dreamlike state, and Jack Bruce sings the lyric so smoothly, and the harmonies are so soft, that this could be a lullaby. However, the lyric is not about sleeping; it's about waiting and the insignificance of the rest of life while the singer waits for his love. Dreaming and I Feel Free emphasize the ability of Cream to produce smooth vocal harmonies, far more than their later works. At first, it seemed by choosing the name for the group, "Cream" had meant to emphasize these harmonies--they were perhaps comparing themselves to the Byrds and the Beatles. By Disraeli Gears however, when they were comparing themselves to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the group meant "Cream" in the sense of being the best at their instruments, the "cream of the crop".