1.25-I'M WAITING FOR THE DAY (Beach Boys)

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson



I came along when he broke your heart.
That's when you needed someone
To help forget about him.

I gave you love with a brand new start.
That's what you needed the most
To set your broken heart free.

     I know you cried, and you felt blue
     But when I could I gave strength to you.
     I'm waiting for the day when you can love again.

I kissed your lips and when your face looked sad
It made me think about him
And that you still loved him so.

But you know that pretty soon I made you feel glad
That you belonged to me
And love began to show.

     He hurt you then, but that's all gone.
     I guess I'm saying you're the only one.
     I'm waiting for the day when you can love again.




          [Improv]: You didn't think that I could sit around and let him work.
          You didn't think that I could sit around and let him take you.
          You didn't think that I could sit around and let him go.
          You didn't think that I could sit back and let you go.
          You didn't think...


I'm Waiting For The Day expresses a more mature patience and sympathy for the girl who is the object of the singer's affections than might be expected from a song delivered to adolescents, but Wilson & Love still seem to be trying to depict a teenage romance here. It’s interesting that about the same time the Rolling Stones released I Am Waiting, in which the poet is awaiting Death, producing a more profound lyric effect than waiting for Love. “Waiting” seems to have been a rather common word in the lyrics that are included in this psychedelic collection, but it never found its way into a song title again, with the exception of the Doors’ album Waiting for the Sun. The use of “waiting” in the titles of two songs at this particular time suggests anticipation; it would be only another month, with the issuance of the Beatles’ single Rain that the psychedelic aesthetic would begin its climb to dominance in the development of pop music.

Sonically, the most impressive instrument in this song is the use of kettle drums. The drum is given a solo in the intro, laying down the beat, and is dropped in the first couplet of stanzas to be picked up for the second round, before the beat is softened again for the chorus. The break is given over to drums and after an extreme slowdown featuring violins, is featured again in the closing improvisation. Another unusual feature is the use of a flute (played in a low register) and a plucked ukulele during the first stanza couplet. Brian Wilson sang the lead and, using eight track recording, seems to have laid down all the vocal harmonies on this record. (If this is true, I’m Waiting for the Day would be the earliest instance in this Trance Love Airwaves collection of one singer recording all of the multiple vocal parts. The multiplying of voices through eight track recording—and sixteen track recording later—would become a somewhat frequent psychedelic technique.) Brian's use of instrumental inserts in this song was largely to remove the pressures of recording the entire song in one take. Breaking up individual sections in the song allowed Brian to make small modifications in the arrangements. I’m Waiting For The Day has the most extreme dynamics of any cut on the Pet Sounds album.