Too many people need me.
I've got so much, so much to do.
But when my traveling is over

I'll pay you back with interest.
I'll pay you back with interest.

It seems unfair to leave you
And sell myself the way I do
But when my wandering is over


Most of my life I've been moving
And when I tire out I'll come home to you
But until then I'll be waiting


         How cold is my room
         Without your love beside me.
         We’re looking at the same old moon
         But you're not here beside me.



[Repeat 1st verse]



Pay You Back with Interest was cut in the same sessions that formed the tracks for the Hollies’ British pop album For Certain Because, including their more successful hit Stop Stop Stop. The lyric is pop romanticism, dreaming about one’s love looking at the same moon from some place faraway. It is also a true confession of a life on the road while entertaining fans on music tours. It’s interesting that the lyric implies he’ll be true by stating he’ll be waiting, when indeed it is the lover that is staying home waiting.

The music begins with piano chords played in a bluesy fashion heavy on the reverb, reminiscent of the Moody Blues’ Go Now. The group begins to fill in after the second verse. The B section however turns into an oriental melody accompanied by a constant drum rolling flow of rhythm that Keith Moon and Ginger Baker would use extensively, but is rather a shock coming from the Hollies. Added in the break are church bells, playing with the melody, which return again in the coda. Pay You Back with Interest actually has a second coda; in the last seconds, the drum alone plays a hot snare rhythm that fades out, as if the singer were walking away with a snappy attitude.