6.20-RELAX (The Who)

The Who


Relax and settle down.
Let your mind go 'round.
Lay down on the ground
And listen to the sound
Of the band.
Hold my hand.

Open up your mind.
We'll love right where we lie.
I'll know you from inside.
You're like a horse I'll ride
O'er the sand
Through the land.

     Relax and let your mind roll on
     Over all your problems. (2x)

          We try harder and harder, tryin' to get our way
          But it's a long, long wait until Judgment Day
          So settle your affairs and take your time
          'Cause everything in the world is yours and mine,
          Yours and mine.


[Repeat first A verse]


In Relax the A section rhymes like a trance, though by the second verse there is certainly a sexual twist to the lyric: You’re like a horse I’ll ride. What should have served as a chorus in B section is repeated once immediately and then abandoned. The C section takes us into the religious realm with Judgment Day looming, and advocacy for sharing “everything in the world” equally. Over a drone, the break in this song is astonishing with a harsh lead guitar crescendo demanding attention before it blooms into a warm human harmony urging the listener again back into relaxation. It is as if threat of damnation were disturbing the angelic peace of meditation. The song urges that such fears be put behind the listener, and ends with the command to relax, as if a whispered invitation to hypnosis.