*8.11-TWILIGHT TIME (Moody Blues)

Moody Blues


Twilight, time to dream awhile
In veils of deepening blue.
As fantasy strides over colorful skies
Of form disappearing from view.

        In twilight time, dream with me awhile.

A nightingale plays a dark mellow phrase
Of notes that are rich and so true.
An aerial display by the firefly brigade
Dancing to tunes no one knew.

        [Refrain (2x)]

                Building castles in the air,
                Whistling to the wind.
                As nature bows down her head,
                See what tomorrow brings.

[Vocal Break]


Bats take to wing like puppets on string,
Prancing through cool evening air.
In a sightless glide, no reason to hide
Away from the sun's blinding stare.

        [Refrain (2x)]

Twilight Time brings on rollicking and percussive keyboard chords mixed with a gauzy wavering choral that seems to depict in music the meeting of hard driving day (with the “sun’s blinding stare”) with the less defined mysterious evening (with its “sightless glide”). Though mostly descriptive, and in that manner akin to the nature poetry of the Incredible String Band, it does appeal directly to the listener, pointing out that this littoral, this vague boundary of twilight, is perfect for dreaming. It is also the place, somewhere between this and that, that psychedelic visions are born. The B section slows down the beat to a crawl in the first and third lines, while building castles in the air that are made of ever-changing fading clouds. The image is similar to the miracle Jimi Hendrix points to in his song Castles Made of Sand (which fall into the sea, eventually): “Look! A golden wing ship is passing my way!”